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Polar Bears Ringette Tours 2005
The 2005 tour included the following athletes from BC, Alberta, Ontario & Quebec:
Erin Berkowski - Port Coquitlam, BC
Liz Chapman - Arnprior, ONT
Andrea Clark - Calgary, AB
Chelsea Curran - Calgary, AB
Kelsey DeForest - Calgary/Lethbridge, AB (returning athlete)
Amanda Dry - Calgary, AB
Ashley Frame - Calgary, AB (returning athlete)
Andrea Grigg - Calgary, AB
Meaghan Hammond - Calgary, AB (returning athlete)
Alyson Johnson - Calgary, AB
Kirby Logan - Calgary, AB
Talia Magder - Montreal, PQ
Kerry Miller - Calgary, AB
Chelsea Provencher - Calgary, AB (returning athlete)
Lauren Seigler - Calgary, AB
Tara Stach - Calgary, AB
Team staff this year include
(all from Calgary):
Lonnie Krahn returning as coach
Ian Frame returning as coach
Lucie Anne Ingoldsby, manager & official
Bob Curran, assist. coach & official
Joan Hammond, assistant coach
Sheena Hammond, trainer

Day 1
Monday, August 1, 2005


The writer of today's report arriving at Frankfurt airport

More of the Polar Bears arriving at Frankfurt airport

The family-run hotel outside Bamberg, Germany -- our first night in Europe

Polar Bears Trip – Day 1

The Journey to Europe

Well what an adventure!! This year the airport gods decided to smile on us and we left on time and even arrived early. We managed to make it out of Frankfurt Airport without any major glitches. That was excellent! As was expected the coaches received the First Class seats with all the perks, they had a lot of fun by the sounds of it which was expected with Ian and Lonnie together. As well there were some interesting games going on like Mad Libs. Some of the creations that came out of that were absolutely hilarious and downright bizarre. It made for a much more enjoyable flight.

At the airport we met up with Talia, at last! As well as Radek (one of the best if not the greatest Tour Guide ever) and lastly our bus driver. He is a really great guy and whips a great cup of coffee on the bus. Once again we have a Mercedes Benz bus, talk about luxury. So far, to date on the trip, we have played Uno, President, and Go Fish on the bus, which is an interesting affair when you have to turn around in your seat and hand cards around to one person, As well it was quite fun when going around tight corners trying to keep all the cards from sliding around. Oh, and for the record since all Goalies have to feel special, we have to mention that Kelsey is uber cool. She’s also pretty cool as she is feeding me Pringles as I type this up.

For our first night we stayed in a town just outside of Bamberg, with a name that is equally difficult to spell and say. I won’t attempt as I would more than likely horribly botch it up. Our Hotel was beautiful with lots of flowers and plants around us. Some of us even had balconies with our rooms Dinner was a yummy affair with most people ordering water which turned out to be the bubbly kind. This caused some amusement with people likening it to Club Soda. Dinner was delicious with soup, a main course consisting of veggies and (as the waiter called it) shwine, and Ice Cream! After that we all retired to our rooms where we eagerly stepped into the showers and plopped down on the comfy beds. The beds were very comfy and made you feel like you were a giant marshmallow with the thick white duvet and feather pillow. Our first day was a great adventure and can’t wait for the rest.

Chelsea P. (CP)

Day 2
Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Some of the group hanging around in downtown Bamberg, Germany

Maximillian Platz, the main square in Bamberg

Polar Bears Trip – Day 2

After some much needed R&R at the best room in the joint it was time for some java. Once breakfast was finished, it was back on the bus to see the hot spots of Bamberg a.k.a the shops and a strategic town square for good measure. And once again back on the bus, our new home, to go to the highlight of my trip -- the Pilsner brewery where Lonnie accidentally misplaced his “glasses” so he had to be at the front of the tour. Ian was mesmerized by the largest keg EVER – weighs nine tons when full of beer. After being tempted by the beer all tour we finally got to taste some Czech beer. Back to our bus, we went to PRAGUE where the butt kicking will occur. Hotel Duo is where we finally stopped after putting some mileage on the bus tires. After eating a very quick dinner, it was straight to bed because at last the lost time had caught up to us.

Meaghan H (Moose Jr.)

The group in the cellars of the
Pilsner Urquell Brewery

Lining up for the free
samples at the brewery

Day 3
Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Some of the group at the crystal factory; the rest are in the shop spending money

Firing & blowing the glass

Cutting the crystal

Polar Bears Trip – Day 3
The Competition Begins…

Today’s journey began with an early wake up call and breakfast on the patio of our hotel restaurant. Everyone was excited to play our first tournament game but before that could happen, we made a pit stop at the famous Ruckl crystal factory just outside Prague. It was interesting to watch the entire process unfold before our eyes instead of just hearing about it from a tour guide. When it came time to visit the gift shop, barely anyone left empty handed. In fact Kelsey DeForest practically bought the entire store spending around 8000 crowns (400 dollars Canadian).
After our visit to the crystal factory we made our way straight to the arena. Here, many of the girls walked to the nearby supermarket to buy food for lunch while the black line, (Chelsea C., Kirby, Alyson, Granny A, and myself) got dressed for our first on ice clinic with the France team and a few Slovakian players. It was definitely an interesting experience with the language barrier, but all of them caught on to coach Bob’s drills quite quickly. It was great to see the effort and enthusiasm displayed by the other countries toward the sport. Near the end, our line was off the ice and heading toward the dressing room -- we had only ten minutes to relax and eat before it was game time!

Once the pre-game talk and warm up were over we felt prepared for what was to come. The Finnish opponents (Hyvinkaa) did prove to be tough competitors, scoring the first goal. But Team Canada Polar Bears answered back with a goal within the minute. After our beginning jitters were out of our system the game was all downhill from there. The final score ended up Canada-8 and Hyvinkaa-3. Not bad for our first game!

Once the team was back at the hotel we got ready to travel into the heart of Prague and eat dinner at a restaurant called Restaurant Musketyr. The food was excellent and close to home except for the white asparagus theme. We still had a bit of free time to tour around the block and then before you knew it we were back on the bus heading to the hotel. It was still two hours until curfew so many of the girls and parents decided to pay a visit to the beer gardens for some relaxation. It was a long day filled with excitement and I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow.

Kerry M.

Canada & Slovakia
(with Lonnie's favourite referee)
after the clinic session

Canada & France
after the clinic session

Day 4
Thursday, August 4, 2005

Coach Lonnie resting up on the bus before the 3 hour shopping tour in the Asian Market -- lots of negotiating required

Polar Bears Trip – Day 4
The Competition -- and fun -- continues…

This morning started early, 7am, for the white line as they (Erin, Amanda, Ashley, Liz, Kelsey and Andrea G.) had a clinic with France and Slovakia to teach them more about the game. It was really fun helping our coaches run drills and trying to communicate the game to girls who don’t even speak English!
Meanwhile, the rest of the team slept in to around 9am and then headed to the arena to play our second tournament game against France. This France team is the same group of girls we were having clinics with so we all had to show a lot of sportsmanship and take it easy on them. In the end we won 11-0.
After the game we headed over to the Asian Market where the 3 hours of shopping began. Imagine 16 girls in a shopping area with really cheap rip-offs of designer clothes, purses, and shoes…chaos! I don’t think anyone left that market without a bag in their hand with everything from fake pumas to fake channel sunglasses and of course, many souvenirs for family and friends. It was also fun because we got to practice our bartering skills. I have to say that Amanda has the best bartering skills I have ever seen. She struck a deal with a merchant which got us 9 t-shirts and 5 zip-up sweatshirts -- all for $140!! She would not take a price higher than that and with her persistence we walked away with a deal!
After all the hard work of shopping, we headed back to the hotel and ate dinner. After dinner we had some free time so half of the team (Kirby, Andrea C., Amanda, Kerry, Erin, Kelsey, Tara and Andrea G.) decided to go on a Ghost Walk Tour of the Old Town Square, while the other half decided to get some rest. The tour itself was kind of cheesy, but it was worth it because we got to see the old town square all lit up at night. We also got to see the Astronomical clock, the famous gothic Tyn Church, St. James Church and the University of Carolina. The buildings were amazing and so old (14thC) that it is almost incomprehensible. I cannot wait for more sightseeing to come!
After the tour it was bedtime to prepare for our game against the Finns the next day. Bring it on!!!
Andrea G

Day 5
Friday, August 5, 2005

"Work will set you free"
- sign at Terezin

A room for 100 people!

Perimeter wall at Terezin

On the subway home from the Old Town

Polar Bears Trip – Day 5
More competition – and more fun!

It was the Black line’s (Kerry, Chelsea C., Kirby, Granny Andy and Ally) turn for an early morning today as we woke up at what seemed like the crack of dawn to head off with the France team to their clinic. As we stepped on the bus we quickly forgot all about our fatigue as we were greeted with traditional French songs and smiles from all their girls. The clinic went amazing and we were all awed by how much the French team has improved in this short time and the amount of heart and determination they have and put into their ringette.
After a quick stop at the massive Czech supermarket and some really good pastries we were ready to take on the Finnish team Jarvenpaan. It was an extremely close game and ended in a 2-2 tie. Though we didn’t come out with a win the game brought our team together and showed us what it will take for a victory. We had a quick lunch at the arena then hopped on the bus to get to the Terezin Concentration Camp.
Throughout the tour of the camp we were all shocked and truly touched from seeing and actually being at the place where all the war prisoners were held and what they had to go through during the War. The guide was great and gave us a detailed idea of what had gone on there and I know we will never forget it.
After the drive on the bus back to the hotel we had a quick dinner at the hotel’s buffet then hopped back on the bus to go shopping and sightseeing around Old Prague.
Well the sights were amazing and the shopping great, but we were all tired and our feet were sore after a long day of walking and skating. So with the help and expertise of Radek, our guide, we navigated our way through the subway system back to the hotel where we went straight to bed, needing a good rest for the big game tomorrow.

Kirby L.

Day 6
Saturday, August 6, 2005

Polar Bears Team at the Prague Castle

Meaghan, Ashley & Chelsea C with one of the Castle guards

One of the many views from Prague Castle

Polar Bears in the fountain at the tournament party

Polar Bears Trip – Day 6
Last of the round robin – and more touring!

After a hearty breakfast of meats, cheeses, breads, eggs, yogurt, cakes, and juices it was off to the Nokia Sportscentrum to face off vs. Helsinki. It was a great game of ‘cat and mouse’ resulting in a 3-3 tie.

After lunch the bus loaded up to start some sightseeing of Prague (Praha). Our destination – Prague Castle and Old Town. The views overlooking Prague from the castle are *spectacular*! The castle grounds are amazing and the Gothic/Neo Gothic church on site is impressive!

Off to the Tournament Party where ringette and hockey players alike from countries such as Canada, Finland, and France gathered to spend the evening in the posh ‘Praha Hotel’, overlooking the city, where we spent several wonderful hours mingling with the other players from ALL the teams and eating from the extravagant all you can eat/drink buffet. Once our appetites were satisfied, it was time to bust-a-groove on the dance floor with team members and random dancers, such as the French coaches and players – friendships in the making! (Now is *not* the time to be shy, get on the dance floor and break it down! Who cares what you look like; you’ll probably never see these people ever again!) – So have FUN!

Now if all that wasn’t enough, the night finished up with a bang, literally! We were treated to a wonderful pyrotechnics display on the hotel’s terrace. Oh, and the fun didn’t stop there!

Just when I thought that the night was winding down, Coach Lonnie serenaded the bus with his personal rendition of ‘New York, New York’, on the ride back to the hotel.

Liz C.

Day 7
Sunday, August 7, 2005

Getting ready for the final game

Polar Bears with their silver medals

All the teams at the award ceremony

Polar Bears Trip – Day 7
Czech Challenge Final Game – and Meaghan’s birthday too!

As the sun was rising in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday August 6th,2005 the entire Polar Bears Ringette Team awoke to the ever so special and graceful musical rendition of Happy Birthday that I was singing to my dear friend, teammate and captain Ms. Meaghan H. (who most people know back home as Moose Junior). Today marked a very special day throughout history….. Not only was it Meaghan’s 19th birthday, it was the gold medal final in the Czech Challenge tournament.

After an early breakfast at the lovely and always exciting Hotel Duo Superior, we boarded our tour bus and headed for the arena with our best skate (foot) forward. Once everyone was off the bus it was officially, as I like to call it “Hammer time!” My fellow teammates and I headed straight for the dressing room to mentally and physically prepare ourselves for the high intensity and physical game ahead of us. At this point, win, lose or draw I was so proud of our team and I felt very honoured and privileged to be able to play with and against some of the very best ringette players in the world.

Our competition was the Helsinki Selects Team which we had tied in the last game of regular round robin play. We knew what had to be done in order to beat out this large and in charge team and were focused to bring out our ‘A’ game. The Helsinki Team, who normally plays a fast-paced, high intensity game decided to play a rather physical and rough game against us which we had to make quick adjustments towards. At the end of the day with emotions running high, bumps and bruises alike we did not manage to win the gold medal (Helsinki prevailed 4-2) although we all did our very best. All of us girls wore our hearts on our sleeves; we all played such an amazing game and that in itself is success, with or without a gold medal around our necks. We will take our silver medals home and wear them with great pride.

After the final game of the Czech Challenge, Team Canada trooped back to Hotel Duo to wash away our sweat and disappointment from the game. We then proceeded to a restaurant downtown, where we dined on a tasty salad, which was then followed by the main course of chicken, ham and French fries. After our dessert of strawberry and banana ice cream, everyone loaded back onto the bus to return to the hotel to prepare for a night out at a disco/night club.

An hour and a half later, everyone had transformed from pro ringette players to very fine looking women ready to paint the town red. Upon our arrival at the disco, we were delighted to learn that ladies had free entry. The club was a very nice place which contained different rooms and levels. By the first bar there were small tables, plush white leather seats and dim white lighting. On the opposite side of the disco, by the second bar, there was a large, beautiful couch which had an East Indian theme of design of red and gold. Above the couch there was another level of tables and couches. Across the red and gold couch was the dance floor, which was a small affair with a stage and a DJ. At first all of the girls sat on the couch chatting, until the club began to fill with people, the music got louder and everyone was feeling more relaxed. For three hours the girls enjoyed dancing and mingling with the people of Prague as the parents and coaches drank their beverages of choice and oversaw the festivities. By one-o’clock it was time to leave, as we had had a long day. Finally we arrived at Hotel Duo, and were able to catch up on some much needed rest.

Tara S. & Ashley F.

Day 8
August 8, 2005

The view from the Observation Towe

On the lunch cruise

Touring the Little Quarter part of Prague

Polar Bears Trip – Day 8
Free time – all day!

Today was our free day. In the morning some of us went on the observation trolley, also known as the Funicular Cable Car. We rode up to the tower at the top of Petrin Hill. This tower is an imitation of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, with 299 steps to the top, and a great view of Prague.
Most of us went on a small boat tour of the Vltava River. It started at the Manesov Bridge and traveled upstream under the St. Charles Bridge, through the locks to the Czech Yacht Club, then turned around and returned to the dock. While on the boat we were treated to a buffet and a serenade with an accordion. (What about those cookies!)
While some of us shopped downtown, the rest continued with a walking tour of the Jewish Quarter where we saw the entrance to the Jewish Cemetery, where as many as 100,000 people were buried in up to 12 layers. We saw the oldest synagogue in Europe named the Old-New Synagogue, which was built in about the year 1270.
We continued across the St. Charles Bridge, checking out the souvenir stands along the way. We then continued our tour through the Little Quarter on the other side of the bridge. Here we saw the Church of St. Nicholas and the Little Quarter Bridge Towers, which protected the entrance to the Little Quarter. Radek, our tour guide, mentioned this was the end of our official tour and we were left to fend for ourselves until dinner at Jagr’s Bar & Grill, where chicken & fries were served.
Tired parents and a few players returned to the hotel after dinner except for 2 mothers who accompanied 7 of the players to the Prague Philharmonic at the Municipal Hall. The rest of the girls shopped and we all got to bed around 1:30-2:00am for a fresh start on Monday.

Alyson J.

Day 9
Tuesday, August 9, 2005


On the bus from Helsinki airport to the ferry terminal (gotta love the colours!)

Coach Lonnie with Radek & Petr at the Prague airport

Team members with Radek & Petr at the Prague airport

Polar Bears Trip – Day 9

On our way to Finland/Sweden!

After an early wakeup call we loaded the bus with all of our luggage (which was heavier than when we arrived) and headed to the airport to fly to Helsinki. At the airport we waited for a very long time to check in, where we had a few problems with the weight of our equipment bags…some did a little too much shopping!! Then we all said a sad goodbye to our fantastic tour guide Radek and our amazing bus driver Peter. We will all miss them a lot. Thanks guys!!
With minutes to spare Ian arrived to catch the plane after dealing with our luggage. After a two hour flight we arrived in Helsinki. Then we had a problem….someone (who shall remain nameless) forgot their passport on the plane and couldn’t get through customs, but everything worked out fine and we got the passport back.
We were then off to the Viking Line where we boarded the M/S Mariella to Stockholm, Sweden. We ended up squeezing four people into a room the size of a closet, yet the beds were more comfortable than the Hotel Duo beds in Prague. We had a great buffet dinner where Lonnie and his wingman Pat took advantage of the free refreshments. After dinner we played cards in the hallway where I gave massages to Andrea, Andy, Lauren, and Chelsea C. Then it was time to hit the Karaoke in Club 7even. It was very difficult because we cannot speak Finnish!! So we hit the Casino where money has no limit. Granny A had to prove us all wrong by staying up until 3am (longer than the rest of us) and performing great party tricks. We were all astonished by Lonnie’s talent for performing magic tricks. The team’s favorite was the disappearing beer trick. Funny how the beer always disappeared to the same place!
Looking forward to a great day of sightseeing in Stockholm tomorrow! Peace out.

Erin B.

Day 10
Wed, August 10, 2005

Our first view of Stockholm, arriving on the ferry

Ian & Ashley at the Lookout Point

A model of the Vasa ship

Coaches Lonnie & Ian in Stockholm

Disembarking from the ferry in Stockholm

Polar Bears Trip – Day 10
Our day in Stockholm!

After our late night on the boat, we were up and at it early. It started out with a buffet breakfast followed by a two hour bus tour of Stockholm. Our tour guide Brigitta quickly showed us a few places of interest. There was so much to see and little time to see it in. We were able to check out the Vasa Museum. The Vasa is a ship that sunk in 1628 on its maiden voyage and has since been recovered and preserved. Once again it was a quick but informative stop in our whirlwind tour of Stockholm.
After our tour we enjoyed yet another buffet at City Hall. From there we split into groups (no less than 4 people), to ensure that everyone was able to experience Stockholm their way. Some groups chose to spend their time shopping on the Pedestrian Walk and sightseeing while 2 groups decided that the Ice Bar was a perfect place to start. After asking half of the population of Stockholm where it was located, we were finally able to “cool down”. The Ice Bar is a glimpse into the idea of building rooms out of ice. There is a whole ice hotel in Northern Sweden that is built each winter. Once we were suited up in our snazzy parkas and mittens we headed in. Everything inside was made of ice including the glasses, lights and tables. It was definitely an experience like no other!
The shopping proved to be successful and the store H & M was a favourite among the team. On the way back we dragged ourselves through the Old Town. As beautiful as the sights were we were exhausted and wanted nothing more than a seat. Once we had everyone together we made our way to our next cruise ship. On the boat, we had a quick bite to eat and enjoyed a quiet evening in our rooms.

Amanda D.

At the Ice Bar in Stockholm
(gotta love the outfits!)

A cozy cabin for 4 on the
return ferry to Finland

Day 11
Thurs, August 11, 2005

Inside the Cathedral in Turku, Finland

Production area at the Glass Village

Our Spa Hotel

Polar Bears Trip – Day 11
Back in Finland – and game day!

Our day started off on the boat M/S Amorella, with an early wake-up and breakfast. We docked in Turku and began our sightseeing tour on the bus. We were able to see some of the main historical features that Turku has to offer. With our tour guide we visited the Turku Cathedral which is the most famous church in Finland.

From there we drove to Nuutajarvi to see the Glass Village. The people that live in this town all play a part in the glass production and its exportation. There is even a museum that contains artifacts that all relate to the history of the town and glass making. We learned about the steps that are required to produce every different glass item. Following the tour we proceeded to board the bus yet again. During the long bus ride, we got to enjoy some dancing entertainment from our very own “Dancing Queen”.

Upon arrival in Tampere, we immediately checked into our new home for the next 2 nights – Ikaalisten Kylpyla. We were absolutely thrilled to discover that not only were there soft, comfy beds but there was also a loft and a balcony to air our equipment out on. Once we finished checking out our rooms, we headed for the Tesoma ice hall to play an exhibition game against Tampere. It took us awhile to adjust to the softness of the ice, but by the third period we had picked up our speed. We won the game by a score of 5–1.

The team dragged their exhausted bodies onto the bus in search of a very late night dinner. Every gas station we went to was either closed or didn’t have anything but junk food. Our tour guide was very helpful and managed to find a small place that was open until 1am. By this time we were all starving, so Lucie Anne sped things up by taking over as cashier while the cook made our food. With full bellies we headed back to the hotel to get some much needed sleep and recovery time.

Lauren S.

Day 12
Fri, August 12, 2005

St. Alexander Church in Tampere, Finland

Erin with her Swedish teammates, Hannah & Ippe

Don & chris, the happily married couple
celebrating 25 years

Polar Bears Trip – Day 12
A day on the town – or at the spa!

After a great night’s sleep in a hotel much nicer than the Hotel Duo, we woke at 9:00 AM ready to enjoy the spa. The breakfast was the usual Buffet with cheeses, meats and bread, but we had a pleasant surprise of Croissants and Cream Puffs!!!! They were yummy.
After breakfast, some of the girls enjoyed a slightly un-orthodox massage while others explored the rest of the Hotel’s facilities including a Hot Tub, swimming pool, sauna, gift shop and free internet!!!!!!!! The team enjoyed a much needed relaxed morning to recover from the previous day’s adventures. Some of the girls (including me) hopped on a bus to town at 1:00 PM while others slept, ate lunch and continued to enjoy the hotel’s many luxuries.
The town was very nice and included many little stores, a mini mall, and a taco restaurant with the most amazing Mozzarella Sticks I have ever tasted!!!!!!!! There were few places to buy souvenirs, however, and the team was surprised to discover that the prices were not as cheap as they were in Prague.
The rest of the team that didn’t come to town early boarded the bus at 4:00 PM and enjoyed downtown Tampere until we had to meet for dinner at 6:15. When everyone arrived, we headed down to dinner at the restaurant “Frankly”, which, frankly, I think was an amazing meal. We enjoyed an option of Chicken, Beef, or Fish, and apparently, Beef was the option to choose. For dessert, the Provenchers enjoyed chocolate cake for the event of their 25th anniversary!!!!!!!!!!! The rest of us had coffee and the ones who were daring enough attempted to swallow artificial sweetener that apparently is banned in Canada. I can personally say that it did NOT taste good. After dinner, we went back to the hotel and arrived around 10:00 PM and packed our suitcases. We all went to bed early considering our 5:45 AM wake-up the next day. All in all, with the exception of the artificial sweetener, the Polar Bears had an amazing, relaxed day!!

Talia M.


Day 13
Sat, August 13, 2005

The view outside our hotel in Jyvaskyla

Team "United Nations" at the tournament in Tikkakoski, Finland

Polar Bears Trip – Day 13
The Tikkakoski Ringette Challenge Begins….!

Today, after a 5:45 a.m. wake-up call we had a three hour bus ride to Tikkakoski to start the Tikkakoski Challenge Cup. On our way, we stopped to pick up four Finnish players to help make up our United Nations Team. The United Nations Team was made up of two Swedish girls, four Finnish girls, and our team. Our team split into two groups, and each group played every other game.

Our first Canada game was at 11 a.m. which we won 4-2 against Tikka. It was great to start the tournament out with a win where Chelsea C. was named as the M.V.P. After the game, eight girls from our team had to play immediately with the United Nations Team against Tuusula where they were successful in beating them 9-2. After the game we all walked to a nearby elementary school where lunch was set up all of the players.

After lunch, the United Nations Team played TikSu, and again were successful with a final score of 8-2. Immediately following that game, we battled for a 2-2 tie against Walapais where Kelsey was named M.V.P.

After a long day at the arena, we headed to our new hotel, which was very nice. We had dinner in the hotel where we were treated to a viewing of an outdoor seniors run. The team capped off the evening with a celebration of Amanda’s birthday.

Kelsey D.


Day 14
Sun, August 14, 2005

Team UN captains (Clarissa - Finland, Amanda - Canada, Ippe - Sweden) after winning gold in their division

Team Canada after winning bronze in their division

Coaches Lonnie & Ian with Ippe & Hannah, our Swedish players

Our Tikkakoski hosts showing off their Polar Bears jerseys

Team Canada members outside the Tikkakoski Ice Hall after the tournament

Polar Bears Trip – Day 14
The Tikkakoski Ringette ends and the long trip home begins….!

As we write this final entry into our 2005 Euro Tour journal we sit at the Frankfurt airport for our ninth and final hour before our flight home.
Saturday morning started at 6:45 with a quick breakfast before heading to the arena for the first game of the day, Canada B vs. Tuusula. It was an exciting game and the team showed a cohesiveness that is usually seen in teams that have been playing together for many seasons. Canada B (United Nations) played to an 8 – 2 win and Andy was named M.V.P. of the game. Immediately following the United Nations game, Canada A was scheduled to play Ilves. The game was hard fought by both teams and in the end, Ilves was able to pull off a very close 4 – 3 win. Meahgan was named M.V.P of the game.
After lunch, Team United Nations played TikSu. Team United Nations played an incredibly strong game and won the game by a score of 15 – 0. Henna from Finland was named M.V.P. of the game. Since there were only 3 teams in that division, medals were awarded based on where teams placed in the round robin. United Nations was awarded gold, Tuusula silver and TikSu received the bronze medal. Our team was forced to await the outcome of the Walapais – Tikkakoski game to determine our placing. Tikkakoski won the game, therefore Canada would be playing for the bronze medal vs. Walapais. The Canadian girls came out pumped and ready to play their hearts out. At half time we were up 2 – 0. The final period changed drastically. For the last 7 minutes of the game, Walapais had a 5 on 3 advantage and scored twice making the final score 4 – 3. Our team was pleased that we held them to only 2 goals considering they also had a 6 on 3 for the last 3 minutes. Erin was the well deserved M.V.P. of our final game as Team Canada. Ilves was awarded gold, Tikkakoski won silver and Canada received bronze.
Team Tournament Stats
United Nations – 4 wins 0 ties 0 losses 43 goals for and 7 goals against
Canada – 5 wins 2 ties 2 losses 44 goals for and 24 against.
What a great tournament!!! We are very proud to have been able to play with these amazing and talented girls.
After the awards ceremony, we drove to a small restaurant called Savutuvan Apaja in Vaajakoski. We enjoyed a wonderful buffet in a Finnish fishing lodge from yesteryear. The players presented the coaching staff with T-shirts that read “Prague Drinking Team”, and then dragged everyone’s butts back onto the bus for a two hour ride to our final hotel “Tallukka”. After much packing and little sleep, we awoke at 3:45 to get back on the bus for the airport in Helsinki. We took a short flight to Frankfurt, where we had a nine hour layover. Still at the airport…we are just minutes from boarding our flight home. This is an experience that all of us will remember forever and look back on with pride.

Andrea C. (Granny Andy) & Chelsea C. (Princess)

Our loyal fans (or groupies) at our final supper stop of the trip

Enjoying a brief moment in one of Finland's National Parks on our last evening

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