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Our Polar Bears European Tours give all ringette players, no matter their age or skill level, an opportunity to experience exhibition & tournament play while on tour in Europe.  While touring, we often introduce our sport to new players, coaches and dignitaries from other nations.  Family and friends are not only welcome, but are encouraged to join us!

Join one of our teams as we travel in Europe – countries we have visited over the years include Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden & Iceland.  Cities we have toured include Berlin, Bamberg, Wurzburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Prague, Salzburg, Cesky Krumlov, Plzen, Reykjavik, Bratislava, and Vienna.  Each year we try to do something different from the previous year as we’ve had repeat customers.

We will participate in the Czech Challenge Ringette Cup in Prague and the Finland Lions Cup in Turku as well as exhibition play.  We’ve had teams from Canada, Finland, Sweden, France, Slovakia & the Czech Republic play in these tournaments and celebrate our sport together!

If you are looking for a great opportunity to see Europe in a friendly and fun environment you have come to the right place. Our tours mix great European sites, helpful guides, excellent tours and medium range accommodations to ensure that every tour is affordable and memorable. Our tours are catered for the person who likes some free time to explore and see things on their own while enjoying the comfort of having their transportation, accommodations, some meals, and sightseeing tours taken care of. This is not a five star tour with luxurious hotels, buses and a high price tag. Our philosophy is to have a quality tour not a luxury tour. If you expect a luxury tour then we are not it.

Azorcan Global Ltd. was initially created with one idea in mind, "to give athletes of all ages and skill levels an opportunity to represent their country in international competition while enjoying the unique sights and cultural experiences of traveling abroad." Since 1994, when we conducted our first tour, we have sent many sports teams to Europe for a unique sporting and cultural experience that has been a trip of a lifetime for thousands of passengers. Our sports programs are unmatched for quality, reliability and variety.

There are many choices in today's travel market. We have found our own niche for the traveler that wants to see Europe in a no nonsense way. You can go on a stuffy regimented European tour that wants you to stay as close to the group as possible or you can enjoy the friendly, fun atmosphere, and independence of one of our tours. The world is for everyone to enjoy so reserve your tour of a lifetime today.
Make some great memories... travel the world!

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